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Zithromax (Azithromycin)

Zithromax, or Azithromycin, is one of the most popular antibiotics. As a broad-spectrum antibiotic, Zithromax can treat a variety of bacterial infections.

You can buy generic Zithromax online from a number of pharmacies. You don’t need a prescription. Well, for some you do, but not the ones listed below.

Zithromax treats:

  • respiratory infections,
  • skin infections,
  • ear infections,
  • strep throat,
  • some sexually transmitted diseases like chlamydia.

It’s important to be careful taking antibiotics. Take the right amount, and for the right amount of time. If you don’t take them the right way then the infection may not be cured. There’s more chance of the bacteria becoming resistant to the antiobiotics. (A problem more widely, if too many bacteria develop resistance to antibiotics). There also may be side effects.

Generic Zithromax is obviously cheaper than brand name Zithromax (made by Pfizer). Prices can still vary a lot so it’s good to compare prices for generic Zithromax. Our updated Zithromax price comparison table below ensures you get the best deal.

Prices shown are for the largest quantities, giving the cheapest price per pill. However, you can also buy tablets in much smaller quantities. This works out to less overall cost but higher price per pill.

How to get generic Zithromax on-line

There are several ways to get the cheap Zithromax on-line.

First, buy generic Zithromax online rather than brand name Zithromax. The active ingredient is Azithromycin in both generic or branded Zithromax. So you’re basically getting the same thing. Brand and generic Zithromax just come in different packaging for different price. Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer makes brand name Zithromax. Generic versions sell as generic Zithromax, or Azithromycin.  (Azithromycin is the name of the active ingredient) Other names for Azithromycin include Azenil and  Zmax.

Secondly, buy generic Zithromax (Azithromycin) from an online pharmacy that doesn’t have hidden fees. All pharmacies listed below for generic Zithromax online have no hidden fees.

Thirdly, buy in bulk if you can afford it. You get a cheaper price per Zithromax pill when you buy more. But keep in mind that antibiotics shouldn’t be taken after their expiry date. Zithromax should be good for 2 years after it’s manufactured. Check the expiration date on the packet.

Fourthly, to get even cheaper generic Zithromax online, buy a higher dose. It is only a little more expensive than a lower dose. You can split the pill into smaller parts to get a smaller dose. Make sure the tablet is suitable for splitting like this though.

Buying generic Zithromax on-line without a prescription

buy cheap generic zithromax onlineYou’ll notice that in the price comparison table for cheap generic Zithromax above, each of the pharmacies offers a ‘free checkout consultation’. You’ll just answer a short medical questionnaire when you place your order. One of their pharmacy doctors will then look over your answers to make sure the drug you’re ordering is safe for you. Then, if all is fine, they’ll approve your order within minutes.

This might sound complicated but it’s really simple. It takes less than 5 minutes usually. Provide basic information about your health, medical history, other medications etc.. Your order is quickly approved.

Then you just have to wait for it to arrive. If you need Zithromax fast, use the USA overnight service listed below.

Zithromax (Azithromycin)

Zithromax, or Azithromycin, is an antibiotic that treats a variety of bacterial infections including : respiratory infections, skin infections, ear infections, strep throat, and some sexually transmitted diseases like chlamydia.
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