Buy Retin-A Online (Tretinoin)

buy cheap generic meds onlineIf you’re looking for the best place to buy Retin-A online, you’ve come to the right place. Retin-A® is the brand name used by OrthoNeutrogena. If you want to buy Retina-A online cheaper, or without a prescription, you can buy generic Retin-A.

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Generic Retin-A is also sold under various other names such as Alitretinoin, Renova, Retino-A, Tretinoin. All generic forms of Retin-A contain the same active ingredient – Tretinoin. They work in exactly the same way as brand name Retin-A.

Buy Retin-A Online Without Prescription

Another thing you might be concerned about is how you can buy Retin-A online without a prescription. Some online drugstores do require you to have a prescription. However, others allow you to place your order without a prescription.

They do require you to answer some questions about your health and any other medications. Then a doctor can look over your answers. This only takes a few minutes usually. You can get your order in quickly and just wait for generic Retin-A to arrive at your door 🙂

How Retin-A (Tretinoin) Works

buy retin-a online tretinoinTretinoin or generic Retin-A comes in the form of a cream or gel and you simply apply it to your skin, usually once a day.

It’s a form of Vitamin A. It clears up acne by preventing dead skin cells from building up and clogging your pores, and by helping new cells be formed. It basically helps your skin renew itself.

Tretinoin (Retin-A) has become the top treatment for acne these days, especially for blackheads and pimples. You have to keep in mind that it can take a while to work though. It might make your acne or pimples worse at first.

Some people also buy Retin-A online in order to use it for other purposes, like reducing fine wrinkles, and roughness on the skin. Generic Retin-A helps keep the skin firm and fresh-looking. More and more people are buying Retin-A online as a cosmetic drug.

Retin A side effects

The other thing you have to keep in mind when using Retin-A is that it usually has some mild side-effects. Most people find that they experience some skin dryness, irritation, redness and even slight peeling. Your skin will also become more sensitive, especially to the sun. You need to cover up in the sun and use sunscreen.

This is a bit uncomfortable but it’s actually a sign that the cream is working. If your skin becomes really over-sensitive, you’d be best to see a doctor. Some people are allergic to generic Retin-A too. As with most medications, it might interact with other medications etc.

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NOTE: Differences Between Retin-A and Retinol

Generic Retin-A and products called Retinols are similar in that they are both forms of Vitamin A, but Retinol products are much milder.

You can buy Retinol over the counter in most drugstores, but to find more potent Retin-A, you either need to go to your doctor or buy Retin-A online.