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ED trial packsGeneric Pills Online was established to provide secure reliable and cost-effective solutions for today’s global demand for cheap generic pills online.

Today, many sought after drugs are controlled by large international pharmaceutical firms that have established patents on these medications. However, the patents are time limited and run out in some countries sooner than others while other countries do not recognise patents on medications as all encompassing.

For example, the patent on Viagra expired in the UK in June 2013 but due to a lack of consistency in patent legislation means that the patent on Viagra in the USA doesn’t expire to 2020.

Although we do not profess to be legal experts here at Generic Pills Online, we believe this means that US citizens cannot legally buy generic versions of Viagra in the USA but are required to purchase high cost branded Viagra, or Viagra®, (which is a registered trademark of Pfizer).

Are US citizens allowed to buy low cost generic Viagra from outside the USA and shipped in? We are not sure if this is strictly legal or not but we do know that the USA is currently the largest market on the planet for generic Viagra and other generic ED medications.

So we can surmise that if it is illegal the trade continues regardless and we have never heard of any US citizen being prosecuted for importing personal amounts of any generic pills online.

It could be argued that USA constitution safeguards the freedom of all Americans to spend their money where they please but that is a statement of principle, not legal advice on the legal implications of buying generic pills online.

Of course we cannot advise anyone from any country to break the law in any way and if you are seeking low cost Viagra, or other cheap generic pills online and are unsure how to proceed we can only advise you to seek further clarification form legal experts in the area you reside.

Whatever your situation, you will be able to find cheap Viagra and other cheap generic pills online on this site that can be sent to anywhere in the world with both fast and free delivery.

Most of the super cheap generic pills online you will find on this site come from intermediary sorting houses for generic medications. Low-cost Viagra and other generic pills online are manufacturing in state-of-the-art laboratories mainly located in India where patent laws do not apply to the same extent.

You can purchase these generic pills online from many main pharmaceutical chains but by and large they do not pass on the savings preferring to corner the market with inflated prices, often only a few cents cheaper than the branded equivalents.

The fact is that generic pills online such as generic Viagra cost only cents to make and low cost generic pills online sorting houses pass the saving on to its on-line customer base. After all it’s a competitive business so you can get top quality generic pills online for only cents instead of dollars.

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