Cheap Generic Rogaine

Cheap generic Rogaine

generic pills from canadaRogaine is the most popular topical treatment for male pattern baldness and also for hair loss or thinning in women. If you suffer from thinning hair or hair loss you’ll be glad to know that you can buy cheap generic Rogaine online.

Generic Rogaine contains Minoxidil, the same ingredient as brand name Rogaine. By buying generic Rogaine you’re getting the same thing but for less money than the branded version.

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More info on Rogaine / Minoxidil

cheap generic rogaine minoxidilGeneric Rogaine is marketed under different names, including Minoxidil and Ronoxidil. (Brand name Rogaine® is a trademark of McNEIL-PPC, Inc.)

They’re basically the same thing as they all contain Minoxidil as their active ingredient. Generic Rogaine is a cream You apply a little of it each day to your scalp, on the area where your hair is thinning.

It’s not clear exactly how Rogaine/Minoxidil is so effective at hair restoration. Doctors believe it’s because it dilates the blood vessels beneath the skin. That allows the hair follicles to get more nourishment and stimulate hair growth.

In fact, Minoxidil (generic Rogaine) was originally developed as a vasodilator drug (relaxing the blood vessels). Researchers then discovered that it had an interesting side effect of promoting hair regrowth. You have to keep taking it though, as its effects wear off once you stop.

Cheap generic Rogaine comes in different strengths – 2% and 5%. Unlike Propecia, generic Rogaine is suitable for women as well as men. It’s usually recommended that women use the 2% strength and men use the 5%.

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Rogaine  side effects

It’s most effective if you’ve been losing hair just a few years. For men, it seems to work best on thinning hair on the crown (rather than at the hairline).

Using Rogaine can occasionally cause allergic reactions – hives, itching etc. Sometimes a bit of burning and redness on the skin. It can also affect the heart. Check with your doctor before using it if you have any heart conditions.

It also might not be safe to take if you’re pregnant. You can find more info on side effects etc by clicking here.


Buy Generic Propecia Online

Generic Propecia online

buy cheap generic meds onlinePropecia is the top treatment for male pattern baldness (alopecia) – i.e., it works to reduce or reverse hair loss / hair thinning in men. You’ll be glad to know that you can save money if you buy generic Propecia online.

Propecia®, manufactured by Merck & Co. Inc, is the only FDA-approved treatment for male hair loss. However, it’s made of exactly the same ingredient as other brand name treatments and generic Propecia – Finasteride. So why spend more on a name? You can buy the same treatment for much less cost as a generic non-brand version?

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Finpecia® (manufactured by Cipla Ltd) is another popular brand name hair loss treatment using Finasteride. Generic versions go under the name of Anatine, Nasterid, Prosmin, or plain old Finasteride.

You might also have heard of Proscar. It’s made by the same drug company that makes Propecia. It is exactly the same ingredient, Finasteride.  Sold as a treatment for enlargement of the prostate gland (which it also helps), rather than for hair loss.

So you could buy generic Proscar online for baldness too. However, it’s a bit more expensive so you’re cheaper to buy generic Propecia online anyway.

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Best Place to Buy Generic Propecia Online

As I mentioned, Express RX is the place I recommend as the best place to buy generic Propecia online. They’re a sorting-house for international drug laboratories, rather than an online pharmacy. They are able to distribute medications to consumers more directly, and therefore at a lower cost.

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How Propecia Works

According to Wikipedia:

“As measured by hair counts, in a 5-year study of men with mild to moderate hair loss, 2 out of 3 of the men who took 1 mg of finasteride daily regrew some hair. In contrast, all of the men in the study who were not taking finasteride lost hair.”

Finasteride / generic Propecia seems to be most effective at increasing hair growth on the crown, but can also work on replenishing your hair line too.

You have to keep in mind though that it can take a few months to start working – or at least, for you to see the effects. And the effects only last as long as you keep taking it. Once you stop, you’ll not only stop regrowing lost hair, but you’ll also start to lose the hair that you’ve managed to regrow. So it’s really a long-term commitment if you’re serious about keeping your freshly thickened head of hair!

However, one study found that men who took Propecia for ten years continued to experience hair growth, or at least no loss of hair, for the entire time. So that’s good going!

The other thing you need to be aware of is that Propecia can have some side effects. The ones that get the most press are to do with sexual dysfunction – impotence, loss of libido, changes in the genitals. So read up on this stuff if you’re concerned, and speak to a doctor.

You can find more information about Finasteride / Propecia, including side-effects here: About Propecia / Finasteride

It’s not recommended for women or children. This is for men only… 😉

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